Butterfly Creek – It Could Be Any One of Us

today 13 June 2024my_locationMuritai School

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Alan Ayckbourn’s “It Could Be Anyone of Us” is a comedy murder mystery written in the 1980s.

The play follows the Chalke siblings: three artists living out faded dreams amidst the faded grandeur of the once beautiful family estate. There are layers and depth to each of the characters that makes this play more than a traditional murder mystery, and true to its title it has the possibility of a different murderer each night!

Before the show, the audience will be invited to vote for who they want the murderer to be. This concept has created a unique challenge for the Director and cast, but will provide an immersive experience for the audience: letting them pick their poison, so to speak, or return to see an alternative outcome.

Begin 13 June 2024 H 7:30 pm
End 22 June 2024 H 9:45 pm
Location Muritai School
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